PERFORMANCE: Western Sussex Hospitals Trust has been described as “an exemplar” of what modern hip fracture care should look like by a nationally-renowned surgeon.

Professor Chris Moran carried out an independent assessment of the care being given to patients suffering broken hips by Western Sussex.

He stated: “The hip fracture care pathway at Western Sussex is an exemplar of good practice: if you were to write a textbook on current best practice in hip fracture care, the Western Sussex model would be it.

“The care pathway focuses on the needs of these elderly patients and has produced significant improvements in the quality of care, length of stay and mortality since its introduction.”

His report highlighted the “excellent” communication and teamwork of all the different staff groups involved in delivering the high quality care.

Trust medical director Dr Phillip Barnes said: “Our clinical teams have worked wonders to transform the way they work.

“We have known for some time that their work has been having a really positive impact for patients, but this report is a very welcome confirmation.”