STRUCTURE: Work has begun on new breast cancer services at Western Sussex Hospitals Trust.

The foundations have been laid and steel structures are now in place, as work continues to construct the new facility, which is expected to be complete by the end of the year. It will be operational shortly afterwards.

The new unit, located next to Worthing Hospital, will feature the latest in digital breast screening technology.

The new two-storey building, accompanied by a new mobile screening service featuring digital technology, will cost around £6.5m. As well as screening, the service will offer assessment and treatment for any patient referred with breast problems.

At present the West Sussex Breast Cancer Screening Service is only able to invite women aged between 50-70 for regular screening. Following the opening of the new facility, this will be extended to the 47-73 age group.

Jeannie Baumann, director of clinical services for core services at Western Sussex, said: “We have wanted to build this new unit for our patients for some time and it is wonderful to see it finally taking shape.

“We have worked hard with our commissioners to bring about this major investment and the result will be worth every penny.”