COMMERCIAL: Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust has purchased a pioneering new infection control device, which uses hydrogen peroxide vapour.

Estates teams at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester are being trained in the use of the Bioquell Q10 device, which will clean rooms or bays where a patient with Clostridium difficilie has been treated.

It ensures no viruses or bacteria can be left on surfaces, eliminating the chance of a new patient becoming infected by traces of C difficile, according to the trust.

The room is completely sealed off before the device fills the area with hydrogen peroxide vapour. A second aeration machine is then turns the hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and vapourised water.

The room can be ready for patients in three hours. During the cleaning process the concentration of hydrogen peroxide peaks at more than 500 parts per million, before returning to the normal safe level of less than 1 part per million.

The Bioquell Q10 cost approximately £30,000. The purchase was funded by the Friends of Chichester Hospitals.

The system has been introduced at St Richard’s – one of the first UK hospitals to purchase it – and a second unit will be bought for use at Worthing Hospital.