PERFORMANCE: The trust has held discussions with its electricity supplier, UK Power, about “improving resilience” after three power failures were experienced over the autumn.

Papers for the November board meeting highlighted that major incidents involving the incoming power supply to Worthing Hospital had been experienced on 24 and 29 September and 10 November.

In all three cases, the board was told the mains electrical supply serving the site failed due to an incident occurring within UK Power Networks on site switchroom. On each occasion, the hospitals standby generators and other back up supplies were activated to maintain emergency power to the majority of the site.

The board was told the failures had highlighted the “need for improvements to the power supply infrastructure”, including means of securing temporary power supplies during any extended failures.

Director of facilities and estates Paul Hatcher said: “Clearly we have learnt lessons from these incidents which have already enabled us to review and make improvements to power supply across the Worthing site.

“These include regularized generating testing, agreement to purchase additional standby generators to serve areas currently not covered by emergency power and internally the division responds to business continuity and major incident situations.”

He added: “Meetings are currently being arranged between UK Power and the trust to agree how power supplies will be fully reinstated to Worthing Hospital. This will include discussion regarding improving resilience against future incidents regarding incoming electricity mains supply.”