STRUCTURE: NHS chief executive Sir David Nicholson has formally opened the new premises of a Wirral GP partnership, at which national commissioning leader James Kingsland is a senior partner.

St Hilary Brow Group Practice, which has been in its previous location in the Wallasey area for 40 years, has moved to new purpose built premises. It is a £2.5m development by primary care property developer Assura Group.

Two sites have been consolidated to one, and the practice has been renamed St Hilary Group Practice.

It includes a two-storey primary care centre and a pharmacy. The partners intend for the “state of the art practice” to “provide integrated community services and also offer additional diagnostic services such as ultrasound. A minor surgery suite will also operate on site.”

Sir David said: “I am very pleased to declare that one of the most advanced NHS primary care centres in the North West is now open. The new facilities will enable staff to offer an exceptional level of care to patients in Wallasey.”

Dr Kingsland, the director of the national Clinical Commissioning Network and senior partner at St Hilary Group Practice, said: “The practice has been completed to an extremely high standard. The extended services offered at the new centre will allow us to make speedier diagnoses, make more specific use of hospital resources and allow us to complete episodes of care in one location.”