PERFORMANCE: The proportion of patients on the Care Programme Approach that have had a review in the past year has dropped to 61 per cent at Worcestershire Mental Health Partnership Trust.

The goal is for all CPA patients to have a review every 12 months.

Although the Care Quality Commission will no longer be publishing ratings, this measure is likely to be included in any reporting derived through the NHS Performance Framework. It is also likely to be included in any benchmarking analysis undertaken by the CQC.

Since the end of September performance has dropped, highlighting that system changes had not been imbedded and that further work is required to recover performance and achieve the required level by the end of March, according to board papers.

In addition to external monitoring of the trust, this measure has a “significant clinical impact”, board papers said. Ensuring that all service users on CPA are reviewed every 12 months as a minimum is good practice and is recognised as a service objective.

The percentage of patients on CPA that have had a review within the last 12 months has fluctuated through the year.

When data was first reported in July, the figure stood at 32 per cent. A major effort in the autumn succeeded in increasing this figure to 78 per cent at the end of September.

But in January the figure had dropped to 65 per cent and an action plan was put in place to improve performance.

It was acknowledged, however, that to address the issue in a sustainable way would require considerable effort over the remainder of the year and performance improvement would not be seen immediately.

The percentage of people on CPA with an up to date care plan on Care Plans Online on 3 February dropped again, to 61 per cent. Teams have been reviewed and a data cleansing process will be carried out.