PERFORMANCE: Worcestershire Mental Health Partnership Trust has admitted it is “significantly worse” on delayed transfers than other trusts in the national performance framework.

It said 18 per cent of inpatients have been on wards for over six months. Among adult community wards, 37.6 per cent of activity is taken by delayed discharges.

The report said: “Addressing current performance is being tackled in two ways. Firstly current processes are being reviewed through a working group which is also reviewing procedures adopted in other parts of the country. Secondly, individual cases are being reviewed.”

It noted that five long standing cases have had placements identified and funded this month. This will incur a total cost of up to £332,000 per year.

The five cases will reduce the overall percentage of delays by 3 per cent. Further work is being undertaken to identify suitable placements for a further 12 adult patients.

However, at an average cost of £66,000 per case (some could be significantly higher) the impact on the budget managed by the trust if all patients were placed would be a cost of approximately £800,000.

The report stated: “Delayed transfers of care remain a challenge although significant progress has been made. It is important to recognise that three different organisations have established targets that relate to Delayed transfers of care; Monitor, CQC and DCLG (Local Authority targets).”