A new guide has been made available to employers in the NHS that offers advice on how to ensure staff can report bad practice.

The Speak up for a Healthy NHS guide is aimed at creating a culture within the health service that ensures staff feel secure about reporting bad practice if they deem services to not be up to the required level.

The guide provides further evidence of the Government’s desire to create the best national health service in the world, and ensure high standards of clinical care and governance.

It encourages employers to review current whistleblowing arrangements, and put strategies in place so staff can raise concerns over potential risks to patient safety.

It was commissioned by the NHS Social Partnership Forum (NHS Employers, NHS trade unions and the Department of Health) and has been written by the independent whistleblowing charity, Public Concern at Work.

The pack looks at what is expected of NHS boards and their executives, and publicises the availability of support for staff from the independent telephone helpline run by Public Concern at Work with Department of Health funding.

It sets out some simple steps to help employers ensure their whistleblowing arrangements work.

Click here to read the guide.