• Ian Renwick sacked last September, but the reason never disclosed
  • Long-serving chief executive started employment tribunal proceedings, but these have been withdrawn
  • Had salary of £265,000 a year 

A sacked trust chief executive has withdrawn his unfair dismissal claim against his former employer.

Ian Renwick, who was dismissed from Gateshead Health Foundation Trust last September, had his employment tribunal claim formally dismissed in late May after he withdrew it.

It is not clear why Mr Renwick withdrew his claim and Gateshead Health FT would not say if it had reached a financial settlement with its former chief executive. 

A trust spokesperson said: “We can only confirm that the tribunal case was withdrawn – there will be no further comment provided by the trust.”

Mr Renwick had already gone through the trust’s internal processes to appeal his dismissal. The reason for his firing has never been made public.

Mr Renwick had led the trust, which is rated as “good” by the Care Quality Commission, since August 2006. He was one of the highest paid chief executives in the country in 2017-18, earning between £265,000 and £270,000 in “salary and fees”, despite the trust only having a turnover of £265m.

After his dismissal, the post was advertised at a much lower salary of between £182,500 and £202,500, although this is in the top half of NHS Improvement’s “established” pay rates for trusts with Gateshead’s turnover.

Yvonne Ormston, former chief executive of North East Ambulance Service FT, has recently taken over as chief executive at Gateshead.

Mr Renwick could not be reached for comment.