NHS London has launched a multi-million pound fund to support and reward innovation in the region.

All NHS staff can apply for cash from the £1.94m fund, which has been created to encourage staff to come up with ideas to improve healthcare for Londoners.

Staff have until 11 December to submit ideas, which will then be vetted before being judged by an innovation board. Those with the potential to make the biggest impact across the region will be awarded funding.

NHS London director of innovation Stephen Webb said the fund is a way of giving people the support they need to “get their idea from the drawing board onto the ward”.

“We want to make sure that every part of the NHS benefits from innovation. Today’s announcement means that all Londoners will increasingly experience excellence as standard, not as an option,” he said.

Application forms for the fund are available here, or by emailing innovation@london.nhs.uk or calling 0207 932 9046.