The majority of NHS staff feel senior managers exclude them in decision making, according to the 2010 NHS staff survey.

The survey shows there has been no improvement in staff feeling engaged with management decisions across all types of NHS trust, with only 27 per cent saying they feel included, the same figure as in 2009.

Growing concern about job security is also reflected in the jump in staff saying they intend to seek a new job in the next 12 months – 28 per cent said they would look to move compared to 22 per cent in 2009.

However, the survey revealed that more areas of staff experience improved overall – 13 – than deteriorated. 

Areas that improved in 2010 included access to appraisals and satisfaction with the level of care provided by trusts, according to more than half of NHS staff (54 per cent) who responded to the survey.

Eight per cent said they experienced physical violence from patients, relatives or other members of the public, while 15 per cent said they have been subject to bullying, harassment and abuse.

The questions concerning violence, abuse, bullying and harassment were changed in 2010 meaning direct comparisons cannot be made, according to the Care Quality Commission, which carried out the survey.

The survey covers all staff and covers areas from appraisals and training to job to making a difference to patients.