A rally taking place today will be joined by public sector workers as a union campaign against the government’s controversial pension reforms gathers pace, with threatened strike action across the UK just a few weeks away.

Millions of workers are being balloted on whether to take industrial action, including a walkout on 30 November which could see the biggest day of industrial unrest for decades.

Leaders of two of the country’s biggest unions, Unite and the GMB, will address today’s event in London and will tell activists that the government is pressing ahead with forcing workers to pay more, work longer and earn less in retirement.

Unite national officer Peter Allenson said: “We say the cuts will hurt women and the poorest most of all. It is time to make a stand and vote yes for action on November 30.

“The average local government pension is only £3,048 a year.

“Workers and their unions are building for the biggest mobilisation of workers in decades as the battle begins to defend public sector pensions.”

Several unions, including Unite and the GMB, will announce the result of strike ballots in the coming weeks, starting with Unison on Thursday.