• Former chief executive was dismissed last year
  • Ian Renwick among highest paid trust chiefs in the country
  • Trust’s proposed salary in line with NHSI published rates

A foundation trust is proposing to pay its new chief executive at least £62,500 less than its previous CEO following discussions with NHS Improvement.

Gateshead Health Foundation Trust was one of a number of north eastern trusts paying chief executives more than £250,000. The trust’s annual report revealed former chief executive Ian Renwick, who was sacked last September after a disciplinary hearing at the £264m turnover trust, was paid salary and fees of between £265,000 and £270,000 in 2017-18.

The trust is now advertising the chief executive role with an indicative salary of between £182,500 and £202,500. Assuming Mr Renwick was paid at the top of the range indicated in the trust’s annual report, the new offer is between £67,500 and £87,500 less than his pay. Even if Mr Renwick was paid at the bottom of the range, the advertised pay would still be at least £62,500 less.

HSJ reported in November that Mr Renwick was appealing against his dismissal but the trust said all its “internal processes” are now complete.

The trust said: “As with all senior appointments a review of the role and the associated salary has been completed before the recruitment process takes place.

“To determine the right level of salary we have looked closely at national benchmarking information and regional comparisons to ensure we can attract a high calibre candidate and get the best value for money. We have sought the views of NHSI and the salary of the chief executive is determined by the trust’s remuneration committee.”

HSJ revealed earlier this year that Mr Renwick and a number of other district general hospital chief executives in the north east were paid salaries above many chief executives of teaching hospitals and significantly above many district general hospital chief executives in other parts of the country.

Mr Renwick’s pay packet made him the joint sixth highest paid trust chief executive in 2017-18.

In March 2017, NHSI issued a list of “established” pay rates for chief executives running different sizes of trusts. For one with Gateshead’s turnover, the rate ranged from £160,000 to £202,500, with a median of £182,500.