Trusts with fewer than 2.5 SPAs to 7.5 direct clinical care or where there are plans to review SPAs


Trusts that said they are planning tougher evaluations of SPA time

Poole Hospital Foundation Trust The Trust is considering a reduction in SPA to 1.5 up to 1 for Trust identified activity (new contracts)Barts and the London Trust
York Hospitals  Foundation Trustaverage 1:5 SPA: 8.5 DCC (new contracts)Taunton & Somerset Foundation Trust
Barking, Havering & Redbridge University Hospitals  Trust Trust moving to 8 DCC and 2 SPA by 1st April 2010 following voluntary conversion of 0.5 SPA to DCC within some departments (new contracts)Plymouth Hospitals Trust
City Hospitals Sunderland2SPA:8DCC (new contracts)Barking, Havering & Redbridge University Hospitals Trust 
Countess of Chester Hospital FTUnder review. Negotiating to reduce from 2.5 SPAs for those at beginning/end of consultant careers and locum replacements.Wrightington Wigan and Leigh FT
Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust1.5 SPA: 8.5 DCC (for one year)Uniteld Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust
Royal Bolton Hospitals Foundation Trust1.5 SPA: 8.5 DCCBerkshire Healthcare  FT
Southport & Ormskirk Hospital Trust 1.5 SPA: 8.5 DCC (only just started)Humber Mental Health Teaching Trust
The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust 8 SPA: 2DCC (new contracts - 2nd/3rd quarter 2009)Royal Free Hampstead Trust
Derby Hospitals FT1.5 SPA: 8.5 DCC (new contracts - two years)      
Surrey & Sussex HealthcareTrust
West Suffolk Hospital TrustStandard contract: 1.5 SPA: 9.5 DCC. Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust
Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals Trust 2.5 SPA   7.5 DCC (new contracts - cut from 3 SPA  7 DCC)
James Paget University Hospital Foundation Trust
Nottingham University Hospitals Trust1.5 SPA: 9.5 DCC (since November 2007)Northampton General Hospital
Leicestershire Partnership TrustSome new contracts are 2.5 SPA : 7.5 DCC (all existing are 3 SPA:7 DCC)University Hospitals of Leicester
The Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust2 SPA: 8 DCC (5 years)West Hertfordshire Hospitals
Western Sussex Hopitals Trust2.5 SPA: 7.5 DCC (down from 3 SPA:7 DCC) 
Wirral University Teaching Hospital2 SPA: 8 DCC  
Sheffield Teaching HospitalsFrom 1 SPA - 3.5 SPA. Average is 2.2 SPA 
University Hospitals of LeicesterTrying to reduce 2.5:7.5 ratio to 1.5:8.5 with the proviso this will be flexible for doctor to move to 2.5 with supporting evidence this will be used appropriately. 
Mid Cheshire Hospitals TrustOn average across the Trust the split is 9 DCC’s and 2 SPAs. The trust may consider reducing the SPA posts prior to advertising. This has yet to be agreed. 

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