FINANCE: In March NHS Ashton, Wigan and Leigh was assuming it would spend £166.4m with the foundation in 2011-12, board papers show.

The figure, included in the 2011-12 budget put to the primary care trust’s board on 23 March, was an “estimated contract value made available by the [PCT’s] contract team” prior to the conclusion of the contract negotiations.

According to the contract assumptions breakdown in the budget, the estimate assumed that:

·         The PCT would agree to an assumed 3 per cent growth in referrals

·         The foundation would agree to a £2m deduction for readmissions

·         That the foundation would agree to an unspecified deduction for first assessment payments for Lucentis, a macular degeneration treatment

·         That £200,000 would be deducted to spend on stroke rehabilitation, as “a consequence of the savings achieved through the stroke [treatment] redesign.