CLINICAL RESEARCH: Yeovil District Hospital Foundation Trust is one of the most active small, acute NHS trusts in the country in terms of reserach, a new league table has revealed.

The National Institute for Health Research league table detailing the research activity within each NHS trust reported the trust is involved in 66 studies and has recruited 746 patients in the past year. The trust is currently placed second in the small acute trusts category.

In a press release the trust said 2011 was a “record breaking year” during which the the trust won more than £1m of research funding.

Research and development manager, Barbara Williams-Yesson, said: “We ensure that research is seen as a treatment option and this has led to many patients agreeing to be part of a study. Our patients are happy to be approached and have a research study discussed with them and we get a lot of positive feedback. They appreciate the opportunity to participate in high quality research because they know that they benefit from access to new treatments and medicines.”