To: Don Wise, chief executive

From: Paul Servant, assistant chief executive

Re: Diamond geezers

Dear Don

HSJ is seeking nominations for its NHS Diamond 60 - the people or organisations that have had most impact on the NHS over the last 60 years. I have drafted some thoughts for you to submit.

Stalin - An early enthusiast for targets, performance monitoring, reorganisation and periodic culls.

Hermann Goering - Without the incompetence of the Luftwaffe failing to destroy most London hospitals, there would have been no need for the private finance initiative 50 years later. Instead PFI was required to rebuild all those 100-year-old hospitals which would have been rebuilt after the war and would still have another 50 years left in them.

Margaret Thatcher - Her hostility was just what the NHS needed to galvanise 99 per cent public approval, in spite of experience.

Ken Clarke and Virginia Bottomley - The two socialists credited with inventing New Labour's health policy - it was just cheeky of them to try to implement it 10 years early.

Teletubbies - Inspired the management and leadership model for primary care trusts.

Enron - Provided the ethos for foundation trusts.

The Pill, the remote control, microwaves and McDonald's - Without these creations, no one would have bothered to invent public health.

George Clooney - For opening our eyes to the fact that it doesn't have to be like Casualty.

Daily Mail - Who has done more to generate knee-jerk DH policies, instant fixes and condemn a generation of children to measles, mumps and rubella?