The Newham and Tower Hamlets HIV/AIDS Prevention Partnership is a joint initiative funded by NHS Newham and NHS Tower Hamlets.

NTHHAPP was set up in 2005 to act as a focal point for NHS Newham’s and NHS Tower Hamlets’ HIV/AIDS prevention programmes. The main aim is to strengthen the partnership between community, voluntary and statutory sectors in preventing HIV/AIDS and reducing sexual ill-health in the two boroughs.

NTHHAPP identifies emerging sexual health issues in the community and promotes learning through training, and sharing experiences and information.

Working closely with prioritised African and ethnic minority communities in Newham and Tower Hamlets, NTHHAPP strives to

  • strengthen the NHS trusts’ planning, decision-making and leadership roles in HIV and sexual health programming,
  • develop a community-led system of HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual health promotion,
  • help develop evidence-based HIV/AIDS and sexual health interventions, and
  • encourage partnerships between community groups, local authorities and the statutory sector

NTHHAPP provides a range of services to voluntary groups as well as community members in Newham and Tower Hamlets, specifically: 

Community Grants for HIV Prevention and Sexual Health Promotion

A key activity of NTHHAPP is supporting small projects run by community groups for HIV prevention and sexual health promotion in Newham and Tower Hamlets. These grants are available to any community group based in the two boroughs, and a single grant can amount up to £15,000.

In addition to long-term grants, one-off capacity building grants are also available to community groups and their members for attending conferences, trainings, workshops, and courses relevant to their work. 

Training and resources for community groups

Community groups are provided training on various aspects of sexual health promotion. NTHHAPP also provides office and meeting space to community groups, as well as free computer and internet access.

HIV and sexual health information

There is a small library at our office that offers:

  • leaflets and brochures on sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS, contraception, HIV testing and other related topics, and information for men who have sex with men;
  • statistical information on HIV and STIs in Newham and Tower Hamlets; and
  • a range of CD-ROMs on sexual health and HIV/AIDS

Telephone information service for sexual health services

A free and confidential information service on sexual health services is available for residents of Newham and Tower Hamlets.

Callers are directed to the following services, which are themselves provided by local genito-urinary medicine clinics and other community based health service providers:

  • testing and treatment of STIs
  • HIV testing
  • confidential advice and counselling
  • free condoms
  • contraception
  • sexual health check-ups
  • cervical smears
  • information about testicular cancer

Increasing access to condoms

NTHHAPP aims to make condoms easily available. Free condoms are available to anyone aged 25 years or above at the office. It is an easy and convenient service for those who cannot afford condoms or feel uncomfortable asking for them over the counter.

In addition, NTHHAPP also partners with a number of small businesses across Newham and Tower Hamlets to provide free condoms to anyone over 25 years. Younger persons are directed to other appropriate sexual health services in the area.

Activities in the Community

NTHHAPP regularly conducts outreach activities in venues throughout the community. At these events information on STIs and HIV/AIDS is provided, and people are directed to sexual health services including HIV testing.

Outreach events are usually organised around occasions such as the National Condom Week, the Men’s Health Week, and Refugee Week. A major event is planned for the forthcoming Sexual Health Week from 14-20 September this year.


Each year, NTHHAPP also runs a number of poster campaigns through local and small media to mark important occasions and days. Some examples are poster campaigns through bus shelters promoting condom use, access to sexual health services, HIV testing, and reducing stigma and discrimination attached to HIV.

Information about NTHHAPP and its activities can be accessed through the web on or by contacting the team using the details below: