5 Boroughs Partnership Trust is the first trust in the North West to use a “diary room” style booth with a video camera, where people can sit and give their views on the trust and mental health.

The trust identified the need to capture real time feedback from a cross section of service users, carers and the public. Service users and carers had also requested the trust look into ways of enabling them to give their views to senior management.

The idea of a Big Brother style booth was put forward as an innovative way of gathering views, which could be easily presented.

The booth has been taken to a number of key events across the year, including the trust’s annual service user and carer conference, annual general meeting and a public event in Warrington town centre.

Assistant director of marketing and communications Emma Parkes said: “The booth has been an incredibly successful way of us getting real time opinions. It is a new way of getting feedback from a range of our service users and carers as well as the general public, which doesn’t involve traditional surveys. We can get the feedback straight away.”

Feedback from the booth has been presented to the trust board and has led to developments in services across the trust.

Non-executive director Derek Taylor said: “The first time I saw the footage I was blown away. The frankness of the feedback was terrific, both good and bad.”

The footage is also being used as part of staff training, at staff inductions and at presentations to our partner organisations. It has also been shown at our service user and carer forums.

Feedback from the public about their views of mental health will be used to drive an anti-stigma campaign in line with the national Time to Change campaign.

The booth will continue to be offered at events as a way for service users to give their views to the trust board to drive future service developments.