October 24, 1941, Public Assistance Journal and Health & Hospital Review

Board of Trade information regarding the number of coupons that had to be surrendered for the purchase of uniforms to be worn by civilians was published this week.

‘As uniform wearers do save on their non uniform clothing, they will be allowed to surrender coupons on a reduced scale, on the basis of the type of uniform supplied,’ it said.

For men, a jacket was five coupons and trousers four. A greatcoat or mackintosh was three and boots or shoes were six. For women, an external uniform such as a nurses’ uniform was nine coupons, a skirt or trousers four and boots or shoes six. Coupons could be used to ‘buy’ stockings, at six coupons a set, but only for policewomen.

People leaving uniformed employment during the ‘uniform year’ (September 1 – August 31) would be required to surrender their coupons and those without enough to meet their uniform needs would have to owe them.