FINANCE: At the end of October the commissioner was showing a surplus of £3.4m for the year to date, £2.6m above its planned underspend to that point, according to NHS Lancashire PCT cluster’s latest finance report.

The report said the under spend had been “taken into account in identifying the funds available for the non-recurrent programme which has been approved by the trust board”.

The principal risk to the PCT recording its agreed surplus for 2011-12 was “achievement of the non-recurrent spending plans”.

It added that the transfer of NHS Blackpool’s community health services was unlikely to be completed before the end of the financial year, and any “under or over spending incurred by Blackpool CHS will be managed as part of the overall trust’s year-end financial position”.

The PCT has raised the possibility of increasing its lodgement of funds with the strategic health authority by £1.5m on the assumption that these would be returned to the organisation in 2012-13.