End Game is fully supportive of the creative arts, and loves it when complex health policy is expressed in simple, visually appealing forms.

So in theory we full approve of the whimsical cartoons that the Healthier Together reconfiguration programme’s Twitter account uses for its background.

The programme is reviewing hospital services across Bedfordshire, Luton, Northamptonshire, and Milton Keynes.

There’s a pair of handshaking hands, and a jolly looking chap with a magnifying glass looking out for “areas of focus”, which inevitably turn out to be something about “higher quality of care and better outcomes”.

But, more troublingly, a doodle labeled “the vision” features a van marked “services” careering down a steep hill.

We commend Healthier Together for spelling out in easy to understand terms what their changes will mean for local patients.

The cartoons can be marveled at here.