The financial services industry has come up with all sorts of “innovative” ways to make a buck or two, so what better place for think-tank Reform to host its jamboree on innovation in the NHS than at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

The investment bank took no chances on any of the hoi polloi getting into its plush Canary Wharf headquarters with burley bouncers on hand to escort delegates from the lobby to the fifth floor conference area.

After chomping on a fine spread of assorted breakfast pastries, exotic teas and coffees (how the other half live!), attendees were ready to get their teeth stuck into some equally tasty sessions but were delayed ever so slightly by a fire alarm.

After being assured it was only a drill, Lord Darzi, the first speaker of the day, piped up with: “But do you believe a bank?”

Oh, you old hound dog Ara! Extracting the Michael out of those poor misunderstood chaps in their own gaff!

And quite right too. End Game salutes anyone who resorts to easy gags to raise a chuckle.