Among the few perks of being a hack is being able to stumble into various events, often late and smelling of last night’s indulgences, mumbling the word “press” and watching the doors magically open.

We’re like modern day Ali Babas, but without the cave full of treasure.

But the old “open sesame” trick wasn’t working at the Commissioning Show this week as End Game found itself stuck outside a talk by NHS England bigwig Tim Kelsey with the rest of the disgruntled hoi polloi.

“Sorry sir, health and safety, we can’t let any more in,” said the door guard. A miffed End Game’s brittle ego was however repaired somewhat when it emerged the A-list were also being given the brush off.

One of Mr Kelsey’s senior lieutenants was also left twiddling their thumbs outside instead of listening to the pearls of wisdom their boss was no doubt imparting to the chosen few.    

Maybe we need the muscle of 40 thieves for when magic password fails…