FINANCE: Bolton Foundation Trust could face a £4.5m fine for failing to contain its rate of Clostridium Difficile infections to within planned levels, commissioner board papers state.

NHS Greater Manchester board papers show that by the end of June the trust had seen 26 cases of C Difficile, against a plan of no more than 28 for the full year 2012-13. Bolton’s threshold for the period to the end of June was no more than six cases.

The report states that regular discussions “have taken place with the Director of Nursing from Bolton to establish the actions that are in place to manage/minimise the incidence of [C Difficile] throughout the rest of the year and this level of action surveillance will continue.

It adds that the issues discussed included:

• Rapid increase of cases with potential patient to patient transmission which is a patient safety issue;

• The need to reach agreement with NHS Bolton regarding the financial penalty (potential of £4.5m) associated with the failure to achieve the target;

• Ensuring that there is critical challenge between commissioner and provider at the weekly conference call;

• Working closely with the Care Quality Commission throughout the rest of the year.