FINANCE:  The trust has reported finishing last year with a surplus of £4.5m, but only after making “technical adjustments”.  

In its May finance report, the trust said it delivered a financial surplus of £4.1m at the year end against an agreed control total of £4.7m surplus.

But it stated: “After technical accounting adjustments for treatment of PFI, this translates to delivery of a £4.5m surplus, subject to the external audit of the financial statements. The control total target for the trust on this basis was set at £4.96m.”

The adjustments related to impairment of its “asset base” and International Finance Reporting Standards “elements”.

The trust acknowledged its financial position was subject to external audit, due to be completed in early June by the Audit Commission.

The report added: “Delivery of the financial position was made possible through the continued recognition by the local health economy of the operational pressures and activity levels experienced by the trust.

“Agreement was reached, on a cluster basis, between the trust, NHS Brighton and Hove and NHS West Sussex in respect of meeting the contractual obligations to the trust, ensuring that the trust received the required income for the activity undertaken in year. “