FINANCE: The north London commissioning cluster gave itself the highest possible risk rating at its most recent meeting as it assessed its chances of achieving financial balance over the next four years.

The cluster gave itself the highest possible risk ratings of five for likelihood and impact - equating to “almost certain” and “catastrophic” on the scale - saying the scenario would see “Financial balance not achieved in future years per the 4 year QIPP plan, at sector level or in individual PCTs”

The mitigating actions suggested were a “Full update of four-year QIPP with detailed 12/13 plans by end Nov 11, Co-operation and collaboration with providers in development of health system wide plans and QIPP challenge sessions.”

Its board papers at the beginning of the month did not set out whether the plans had been re-profiled by the end of November.

The risk register also referrede to “known shortfalls in management cost savings” but did not say by how much.