Monitor has launched an investigation into governance at Central North West London Foundation Trust after the Care Quality Commission issued three warning notices to the trust following an inspection in November.

The CQC inspected two of the trust’s mental health centres – the Campbell Centre in Milton Keynes and Beatrice Place in London - in November and found that previous concerns, including safety concerns around ligatures, had not been addressed.

The inspection team also found that there was a lack of training for some staff which meant that some were not familiar with the reporting procedure for safeguarding alerts.  

Central North West London is one of the largest mental health foundation trusts in England and provides a range of services across 150 sites.

The investigation will look into whether the concerns highlighted by the CQC indicate wider problems with how the trust is run.

Senior regional manager at Monitor, Victoria Woodhatch, said: “We have decided to open an investigation at the trust to identify if there are any problems with the way the trust is run that would prevent it providing high quality care for patients.

“Our investigation will take a very close look at the issues highlighted by the CQC; and we will take regulatory action if required.”

The chief executive of Central North West London Foundation Trust, Claire Murdoch, welcomed the investigation as a “healthy” step for the regulator to take. She said: “No trust wants to feel that it is failing or not doing a good job and we are no exception.

“That said, we face up to issues when they are raised  – we are conscientious. When something is not as good as it should be questions come into people’s minds about how strong our systems are, especially in a complex organisation; the unspoken question for some is whether our eyes were off the ball.

“The Monitor process is actually a good way for our systems to be checked, refreshed, and even strengthened. I’m sure we have good answers for Monitor; our job is to show them that’s the case.”

It has not been decided whether regulatory action will be taken and a completion date for the investigation is yet to be announced.