David Cameron in October promised to free nurses from endless form-filling by giving them all iPads - £100m of iPads to be exact, which (bearing in mind the government’s success in previous health IT procurements) ought to buy at least 10.

The PM’s involvement inevitably raised the interest of journalists who demanded to answers to questions such as: Would the money be well spent in a hurry? Does the NHS have a noble history of IT procurement at pace?

End Game has seen a Q&A sheet produced by the Department of Health to satisfy their demand for answers.

For example: “Q: Isn’t this just about reducing nursing numbers?”

Answer: “The fund’s objective is not in fact to bring about reductions in nursing numbers, but to ensure that nurses have more time to provide quality care, treating their patients with compassion, dignity and respect.”

However, the pressure of satisfying No 10 and the fourth estate had clearly got to the author by the last question.

“Q: I thought the NHS was having to make efficiency savings - where has this money come from?”

“A: ???”