The National Health Action Party, set up in response to last year’s Health Act, is going from strength to strength, End Game is pleased to report.

First came their stunning by election performance in Eastleigh in February, where they won 392 votes, way out in front of the rest of the weirdo parties such as “Beer”, “Loonies” “Elvis” and the English Democrats.

Now, two of the party’s activists have completed a 35 mile run to gently mock deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.

The “Cleggython” was the latest in a volley of laboured public relations wheezes, mostly involving some combination of death and/or running. Next month they’re cleverly going to combine the two by completing another inexplicably long run before burying an “NHS coffin” in Prime Minister David Cameron’s constituency.

Good for them. Here’s NHA Party honcho and David Cameron lookalike Clive Peedell, with a friend dressed up as an orange poodle in a Nick Clegg mask.