End Game has come across a rather confusing account of subversive activity on the site of Lewisham Hospital.

The hospital has been the subject of intense debate this year due to plans to downgrade its facilities to help solve financial troubles at neighbouring South London Healthcare Trust.

Weirdly named local paper the News Shopper reports that a local fantasy role playing group (stay with us) meets in a function room on the hospital grounds.

“Lewisham Hospital role playing wizards take on Jeremy Hunt”, runs the headline on a feature.

“They’ve defeated pirates, dragons and hordes of the undead”, it begins, “but now one of London’s largest roleplaying clubs is facing its biggest foe yet - evil axe-wielding health secretary Jeremy Hunt.”

Sounds promising! Will the geeks (sample names: Trogdor; Garry Harper) cross over into an alternate reality on a quest to track down Mr Hunt and beat him with knobbly clubs?

Er… no. “That’s too political for us,” the club’s founder said. “A lot of people come here and like to forget about work and things like that.”

So they weren’t the only ones for whom living in a fantasy world was more attractive than mundane old reality, eh News Shopper?