I was looking at Senge’s five disciplines for a learning organisation today.  And then there was Covey’s 7 habits of Highly Effective People. It got me thinking….could I come up with a full list?


Here goes….


  1. First, Do No Harm.
  2. Frederick Herzberg’s 2 Factor Theory (it’s about Hygiene and Motivation factors)
  3. Theory XYZ – McGregor
  4. The 4 Management Styles
  5. Senge’s 5 disciplines for learning organisations (1990)
  6. Brodie’s 6 barriers to effective Presentations
  7. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

   (and)      Porter’s 7 surprises for new CEOs

                TE Lawrence’s 7 Pillars of Wisdom

   8. Peters & Waterman’s 8 Attributes of Management Excellence

   9. The 9 Qualities of leadership (Oxford Centre for Leadership)

 10.  Osborne and Gaebler’s 10 Principles of Reinvention (1992)


 14. Dr W Edward Denning’s 14 Points of Management (TQM) (1986)

 15. 15 qualities of the   NHS Leadership Qualities Framework


Anyone got any suggestions for 11,12 and 13?


Oh, and what were Peter Senge’s five disciplines for learning organisations?


Personal Mastery

Systems Thinking

Shared Vision

Mental Models

Team Mastery


His book, The Fifth Discipline, The Art and Practice of the Learning Organisation (1990) is published by Random House.