End Game has been a fan of minister for laughs Anna Soubry maverick style ever since she arrived at Richmond House.

She’s a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm and she’s peppered her latest interview with hearty profanity.

Limbering up, she declared a builder’s sign to be “fucking useless” and said the minister for public health “bloody well” wasn’t the “girly option”.

All pretty standard pub vulgarity so far but Soubs is a moderniser, always looking to innovate, even with her curse words.  

And lo…

“What we now need to do is stop people in the party engaging in quite a lot of twattery, and to accept that we’ve achieved a huge amount, and it’s all to play for,” she told Total Politics magazine.

“Twattery” isn’t in the dictionary, it’s in the urban dictionary “participating in twat-like activities; having twat-like qualities”.

This can only enhance her reputation as one of Whitehall’s best communicators.