HSJ hacks were eagerly awaiting the final version of guidance on safe staffing levels from the chief nursing officer and the National Quality Board, despite obtaining a draft almost a week before publication.

You see, the leaked version ended with a tantalising question from one anonymous editor: “Do we need to close with any profound statements/message?”

Yes, as it turned out - the final version had a 200 plus word concluding paragraph bolted onto the end.

So what powerful insights and life-changing reflections did the authors come up with? Well, the guidance they had produced was based on “available evidence, good practice and common sense” to help managers make “difficult decisions” both “on a daily basis, and with a longer term perspective”.

And, we “must constantly look to the future understanding how we can improve our care through the skills and expertise of our staff, not just those we currently employ, but the young professionals in training and as they enter their careers.”

End Game is sure a less cynical soul could have found something of value in there, but sadly they may have fallen short of profundity.