Health minister Dan Poulter used the launch of the NHS’s procurement strategy this week to urge the service to take note of the daytime television show Bargain Hunt.

Dr Dan name-checked perma-tanned presenter David Dickinson, who left the show 10 years ago, but would have been the presenter when the minister was a student.

For readers who don’t have time to sit around all day watching telly, Bargain Hunt involves members of the public sniffing out under-priced antiques and seeing if they can flog them for loads of money at auction.

Valueable though this approach undoubtedly is, End Game is concerned that it might not be applicable to the mass purchase of rubber gloves, or the procurement of IT systems or MRI scanners.

Mr Dickinson has more recently done adverts proclaiming the virtues of payday lender The Money Shop. End Game looks forward to seeing how Mr Dickinson can inspire the minister to adapt the payday lender’s approach for the benefit of NHS patients.