If you thought KPMG impresario Mark Britnell would stay ultra chummy with NHS types to smooth the way for a future comeback, you’d be wrong.

Talking in a panel discussion at last week’s Nuffield Trust summit, he announced he struggled to see the “guiding principles” behind attempts to save £20bn. On his left, though thankfully with a few chairs in between to act as a buffer, was none other than quality tsar Jim Easton.

QIPP lead Mr Easton responded rather huffily: “I’m not short of ideas, some are much higher quality ideas than yours.”

Mr Easton was less restrained when a British Medical Association representative in the audience had the chutzpah to complain about the cost of market based reforms.

“You’ve tossed me a piece of red meat!” he exclaimed, adding: “I’m trying to rein myself back in now.”

Sounds like Mr Britnell got off lightly.