With the forward view vision now set out, these individuals have never been more indispensable, writes Cormac Tobin

The HSJ Rising Stars is one of the most exciting healthcare celebrations of the year for me, as someone who recognises the significance of talent in an organisation.


Cormac Tobin

During its launch in 2013 we acknowledged the leaders who had the vision, passion and courage to drive change, and now one year on in the arrival of the NHS Five Year Forward View, these individuals have never been more indispensable.

The message was strong: to sustain the future of the NHS, clinical professions must become more integrated as healthcare demands change.

Collaborative working should be embraced to drive the opportunities that this sentiment sets ahead of us and I believe that to do so, we need the right people behind the ideas.

Encouraging entrepreneurial healthcare professionals to break from the restrictive moulds set out by the sector over the last 20 years,
challenge the status quo, and develop improved and innovative ways of caring for patients can only be positive steps.

‘We are on the brink of an integration revolution’

Truly integrated patient centred care can be made a reality through the talented, enterprising individuals that have the vision to make it happen, now or in five years’ time, and must be supported and encouraged to do so.

We are on the brink of an integration revolution that will change healthcare for the better, and the ambitious rising stars in healthcare must shine through to drive the opportunities ahead if we want to make the forward view a reality.

It will take great leadership, innovation, and investment in a future that puts patients at the centre - something that together, I firmly believe we can achieve.

Cormac Tobin is managing director of Celesio UK