It is a little known fact about Matt Tee – the NHS Confederation’s soon to be chief operating officer – that he was once interviewed by David Frost as a child.

Mr Tee, the former all-sorts-of-things in and around the NHS and current boss of something called “Reputate”, took to Twitter recently to tell all.

“Saw Nixon Frost [sic] last night,” he twote.

“It is a little known fact that I was interviewed by Frost when I was 4. He asked me to do some animal noises.”

Mr Tee went on: “Memory hazy, but I think I did several including cockadoodledoo. Fear I may have enjoyed the attention… I grew out of it obviously!”

Obviously. End Game was left wondering what counts as a well known fact about Matt Tee, and also whether we’ve been too conventional in our “interviews” of health policy luminaries when moonlighting as HSJ hacks.