Tim Kelsey’s appetite for a good old josh on Twitter with his departing boss Sir David Nicholson appears undiminished despite recent events which hopefully won’t be remembered as Hitler-gate.

The japery began when Sir David Nicholson tweeted a link to the now infamous Downfall parody video lampooning Mr Kelsey’s oversight of the care.data car crash but also health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The rib tickler, probably well intended if slightly ill advised, was predictably blown out of proportion by the national media and politicians who accused Sir David of apparently showing “complete contempt” for his colleagues. Sigh.

This week, Mr Kelsey - the organisations patients and information director - emerged from the bunker to load up his banter cannon for the counter attack.

He tweeted a picture of a campervan trundling along a nondescript A-road which bore the slogans “wild’n’free” and “old age traveler” with a caption “David Nicholson on the move”. We can just imagine him bouncing up and down with glee at the fun of it all.

Steering clear of videos involving Hitler was astute and the wholesome (boring) nature of Mr Kelsey’s light jape will not incur the Daily Mail’s wrath.  

But End Game still wonders whether mocking the boss, even if he is departing, at a time when something of changing of the guards is taking place at your organisation is the best use of one’s time.