End Game was delighted to discover that as part of NHS England’s ongoing commitment to transparency, one of its senior managers has apparently started her own blog.

It comes from Samantha Riley, the organisation’s director of insight. Title: “Samantha Riley’s Insight Blog (Which is Hopefully Insightful!)”

Yes, hopefully it is.

Actually, End Game hopes the blog continues to develop the literary voice evidenced in the most recent entry, which – although not particularly recent, having been published on 23 February before the organisation changed its name from NHS Commissioning Board – is a classic of its kind.

Some sample paragraphs, to whet your appetite: “So, what does the Director of Insight for the NHS Commissioning Board do??

“Good question!!!!!  Well, to be honest, although I clearly read the job description before I applied for the job, it is only over the past month that I have got to grips with my new responsibilities—which are both slightly scary and very exciting!!!”

End Game commends this openness and Ms Riley’s infectious enthusiasm.

To find out more, visit http://samantharileynhs.blogspot.co.uk/