A special End Game hat tip goes to Jayne Morris today, for causing a media ruckus with some harmlessly irrelevant workplace tips.

Both the Daily Mail and theDaily Telegraph carried a story this morning referring to Ms Morris as an “NHS ‘life coach’”, and quoting her as saying workers should have a pillow under their desk in case they need to take a power nap at work.

Fine, whatever, no-one is ever going to do that, end of story.

Unless you’re a Right of centre newspaper of course, in which case you can make a great fuss about the fact that she claims to work for something called “NHS Online”.

Less credulous End Game readers will be aware that no such thing exists, or ever has existed. And probably never will.

Ms Morris does appear to be a real person, but the extent to which she is an NHS adviser is unclear.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance leapt in with both feet anyway just to be on the safe side. Chief executive Matthew Sinclair fulminated: “When there is serious pressure on health budgets, taxpayers will find it astonishing that NHS Online is spending money on a ‘life coach’.

“It is all the more absurd that the coach is suggesting that office workers sleep on the job. If they’re taking that advice seriously, it’s little wonder the economy is stagnating.”

Neither Mail nor Telegraph report contains a figure for the amount “NHS Online” has spent on Ms Morris’s services in the past year, or indeed ever.