End Game invites you to join us in celebrating UnitedHealth UK’s first decade of investment in our humble health sector.

The British wing of the US health giant entered the UK market in 2003, probably riding a wave of Alan Milburn-inspired optimism that the time had finally come for efficient, forward thinking innovators such as themselves to contribute to the improvement of the NHS.

Well, End Game is delighted to report that since then the firm has certainly put its money where its mouth is. The most recent information held by Companies House reveals that between 2003 and 2011 UnitedHealth spent £39m maintaining a presence in the UK.

Or, as they put it, “a loss” - the data revealed that UnitedHealth UK has not posted a profit since it came into being. Their dogged resolve in the face of such relentlessly dismal performance demonstrates real grit - many troubled provider trusts would surely identify with their struggle.

We can’t help but wonder what Monitor would make of the results, though.