So called “pace setting” leaders – who, according to convention, get results but leave underlings quivering and broken in their wake - have fallen out of favour in the NHS. Well, most of them are still in post but they’re all desperately unfashionable post-Francis.

At the recent chief nursing officer’s summit, the outgoing NHS England south region director of nursing Liz Redfern, who previously worked at the South West Strategic Health Authority, opened up about her experience of this most alpha-male of leadership styles.

“I have worked in some very pace setting organisations,” Ms Redfern told the conference. “I can do that but it’s probably not my style.”

She revealed she had felt “squashed” by the situation and had recently realised she was suited to a more collaborative way of working.

End Game has racked its brain and studied Ms Redfern’s career history but couldn’t work out for the life of us to whom she could be referring.