More evidence arrives that commissioning support units are becoming ever more businessy in their working practices.

Greater Manchester CSU sent End Game an email boasting that after just four and a half months of operation they had set up a new website.

The site is graced with “a modern, colourful design and has a cutting edge single page structure,” we learned.

And, we were told, “the website makes full use of GMCSU’s innovative branding which pushes the boundaries of how traditional NHS sites look”.

Surely any remaining sceptics of the CSU project would be vanquished once and for all once they witness this marvel of html engineering?

Well, just 16 hours after reading the press release they were able to do just that, when the CSU remembered to send through the web address for readers to click on.

End Game couldn’t help but notice that the first press release arrived one minute before 5pm, and the follow up at 9.06am the next day.

With this kind of enterprising zeal already in evidence, who could doubt the inevitable triumph of the CSU project?