The must read stories and most important developments on Friday

The latest battle

NHS England’s announcement on congenital heart disease services - identifying three sites which need to stop specialist surgery - is the latest battle in a very long war.

The trusts which today threaten to take action to protect their congenital heart disease services follow in the footsteps of others in 2011 and 2013.

The dispute between commissioners and the units that provide these services is an emotive one and points to a number of failures in the NHS since the Bristol Heart Inquiry in 2001.

Here’s our coverage of Friday’s announcement:

In praise of naps… for doctors

Hospitals are putting patient safety at risk by forcing junior doctors to work throughout the night without rest, despite evidence-based guidelines dating back over a decade, HSJ has been told.

Junior doctors have reported a “culture of fear” on hospital wards at night, with some saying they face disciplinary action if being caught taking short naps. This is at odds with evidence that a nap of between 20 and 30 minutes reduces incidents of harm to patients.

One trainee told a survey, carried out by consultant sleep specialist Dr Michael Farquhar from the Evelina London Children’s Hospital, that senior nurses had been instructed to tour wards at night to find sleeping doctors while another said site managers actively woke sleeping medics.

One junior said in the survey: “There is a culture of fear amongst staff who do sleep, with rumours of matron coming round to wake you up and take your registration number. After a busy night shift once, I was so exhausted I nearly crashed my car.”