HSJ’s roundup of Monday’s must read stories

Simon’s ‘to do’ list

It’s the time of year for national NHS top bods to make clear their “to do” lists to the service for the coming 12 months. NHS England and NHS Improvement are still beavering away on the formal planning guidance, but we revealed news on the tariff last week, and Simon Stevens has reeled off a number of other priorities in a weighty, wide ranging interview with HSJ.

The NHS England chief exec reveals:

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Pressure rising for clarity in Cambridgeshire

Trade unions are demanding a full public investigation into what caused the dramatic collapse of an £800m flagship NHS contract in Cambridgeshire, HSJ reported at the end of last week.

The call followed the announcement earlier this month that UnitingCare Partnership was handing back its five-year contract to provide older people’s care to Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group just eight months after it went live.

We have already set out the reasons why a full explanation is needed, not least because learning from Cambridgeshire will help others who are trying to establish commissioning by outcomes contracts. But both the CCG and lead provider remain silent over what went wrong.

An explanation on what went wrong with UnitingCare is also needed because the CCG and its providers are working on a major root and branch restructure of all of Cambridgeshire’s NHS and care services. If they cannot successfully oversee a restructure of older people’s services, it is logical to question whether they has the capacity to restructure one of the most financially challenged health economies in England.

Answers on what went wrong with UnitingCare contract are needed quickly.