A round-up of HSJ’s in-depth coverage of the NHS planning guidance until 2019

Impact of the planning guidance

NHS England and NHS Improvement have published their planning guidance for the health service, setting out the new orders and priorities for STPs, providers and CCGs.

The latest document is especially significant as it covers a two-year period (April 2017-March 2019) rather than the usual 12 months, and has been brought forward from its traditional Christmas release.

In his analysis, Dave West says the guidance is defined by two main themes: a “breakneck” timetable for delivery; and the movement towards “managing the NHS through whole systems, not separate organisations”.

He adds: “Your attitude to this collectivist approach, embodied by sustainability and transformation plans, will dictate what this planning guidance means to you.”

Here is our full coverage from Thursday of the NHS’s new to-do list through to 2019: