The NHS’ updated marching orders for 2020-21 are in.

For the quickest way to get your head around the main changes, listen to our new HSJ Health Check podcast. You can listen on the web, or subscribe on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and all the other popular podcast platforms. And it’s free to access — so share away.

We cover:

  • Big changes to funding rules;
  • How half of trust funding support will now be linked to system — not organisation — performance;
  • Whether trusts and commissioners will be let off their — in some cases, sizeable — loans;
  • Why there are few specifics on workforce planning;
  • What’s happening with the A&E target;
  • New ambitions to avoid outpatient appointments; and
  • Why commissioners are being required to make regular visits to people with learning disabilities who they house outside their area.

If you prefer the written word, here’s our full planning guidance coverage on