STRUCTURE: A new treatment centre for people recovering from drug and alcohol misuse will open in Derby on Monday 29 October.

The centre will allow patients to begin treatment within a day of their assessment.

The newly refurbished, bespoke centre is bringing drug and alcohol treatment services together with criminal justice and safeguarding services for the first time in the city.

It will could help as many as 2,000 people.

The new centre has been commissioned by NHS Derby City and NHS Derbyshire County in partnership with Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust and Phoenix Futures.

Hosted by Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust the premises include 23 consulting rooms, space to accommodate a number of satellite services and an open plan office.

Alan Baines, chair of Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust, said: “The new model of delivery, alongside this wonderful resource and commitment from partners will support people throughout their recovery journey and help them sustain it in the longer term. This is an ambition we are excited to be contributing to.”

Derby is considered by the National Drug Treatment Agency to be one of the hardest areas in the country to get people out of drug and alcohol treatment. However, latest figures show NHS Derby City performing higher than the national average, and in the top quarter of its assigned National Drug Treatment Agency performance category.