PERFORMANCE: The incidence of patient falls reported at East Cheshire NHS Trust rose in January to the highest level it has seen in 2010-11.

There were 128 falls reported at the trust in January, compared with 103 in December. That equated to 11 falls per 1,000 patient bed days, well above the 9.2 average for 2010-11, and further above the trust’s target rate of 7.5.

The trust’s February performance report said the increase was “consistent with the trust’s intention to ensure that all incidents are appropriately reported”.

But it added that the number of injurious falls had also risen sharply, from 26 in December to 41 in January. This pushed the year-to-date rate of injurious falls to 3.6 per 1,000 bed days, compared with an average of 2.45 in 2009/10.